Why your skin needs 8 hours of beauty sleep too

I always hear people make the comment. “I only get x number of hours of sleep, but my body doesn’t need it.” , but the truth of the matter is that many of us aren’t getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night and we all need it. Just because you aren’t walking around like a zombie doesn’t mean your body is getting everything done each night it needs. This is equally true in what it does for your skin while you sleep. Let’s learn about what your body does for your skin while you sleep.

Your skin cells regenerate

After a long day of fighting off UV rays, pollution, sweat and grime, your skin is desperate for some downtime. When we sleep our skin switches into recovery mode. That is why when you have a cut or abrasion and you wake up it is much better than it was all day. It works the same way with any healing our skin needs to do.

Your skin is more receptive to products

There’s a reason most anti-aging products are recommended to be applied at night. When using night products it is best to use the heavy hitters like retinol and glycolic acid, so your body can use those in the healing process.

Your body will produce more collagen

Collagen is key for keeping the skin plump and smooth. While you are sleeping your body produces growth hormones which are sure it is producing enough collagen.

You’re giving your skin an environmental break

Sun exposure, pollution and blue light are just some of the everyday elements our skin is exposed to. But at night, all of these are eliminated. So turn off the Netflix and make sure you are giving your body and skin the eight hours of sleep it needs.

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