60 min Customized Glow Facial

$85.00 · 1 hour

A customized facial to meet your skin’s needs. We look at the results you want to achieve and also your skin type and what it needs to get that amazing glow. We cater to all skin types. Acne, anti-aging, sensitive, and hyper pigmentation. We make sure each facial gets results and also has a nice massage, so you can relax and be pampered while you get your glow on!

60 min Dermaplaning Facial

$85.00 · 1 hour

This is a customized facial using a scalpel to physically remove the top layer of dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) leaving your skin soft and exfoliated! Helps products penetrate deeper, gets rid of dead skin buildup and makeup with go on better… perfect for right before an event! No downtime.

90 min Oxygen Enzyme Facial

$125.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Oxygen Enzyme Therapy combines some of the latest technology in peptide, antioxidant and dermal regeneration science, resulting in micro circulation, detoxification and instant firming, lifting and tightening. It resolves underlying skin conditions by detoxifying and oxygenating the skin from within.

90 min Ultimate Glow Facial

$125.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

A client favorite! We start with a cleanse, steam and extractions. Then you get to relax with a an arm, foot and scalp massage. We then combine dermaplaning, LED, and a jelly mask making your skin smooth, refreshed, deep cleansed and glowing!

Men's Facial

$85.00 · 1 hour 

Yes guys we have a facial just for you! This treatment is designed to turn back the clock on tired skin and help reduce fine lines and signs of aging. We start with a nose and ear wax, then do a deep pore cleanse, collagen boosting mask, ultra-hydrating under eye therapy and vitamin-rich anti-aging serums. Hot towels and a hand and scalp massage will be incorporated for an effective and mentally rejuvenating experience. If you have a beard we will also make sure it is cleansed and groomed!

Back Facial

$85.00 · 1 hour 

Sometimes we have breakouts on our back and that also needs to be taken care of. A customized facial to meet your back’s needs. We look at the results you want to achieve and also your skin type and what it needs to get that amazing glow. This is a very relaxing treatment with great results.

Amazing Light Peel and Dermaplaning Facial

$150.00 · 1 hour  30 minutes

This is the ultimate in exfoliation! First, we physically exfoliate with dermaplaning, then do a basic peel (no down time) to help with specific skin concerns and we finish with LED and a refreshing jelly mask that will best suit your skin!

Future Momma Facial

$125.00 · 1 hour  30 minutes

Treat Yourself! The momma to be facial is awesome for expecting mothers and breastfeeding mothers. Its hard to keep your skin clear while pregnant or breastfeeding because of the amount of things you can’t do to your skin. This facial will help you relax, while also physically exfoliating with dermaplaning, chemically exfoliating, hydrating, targeting acne, aging, pigmentation and brightening the skin with an amazing combination of enzymes and ending with LED and a jelly mask. Anyone can get this facial!
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