Difference between OTC (Over-the-Counter) skincare and Professional skincare products

OTC skincare products have active ingredients in lower concentrations ideal for prolonged use and maintenance. Professional skincare products have active ingredients in higher concentration and are specially formulated to have a faster result.

There are a lot of skincare products out there and they are formulated differently for different brands, applications, and purposes.

Skincare Manufacturing and Production

Professional skincare products are available and sold in small to limited quantities, we can find these in Skincare clinics, Beauty Spas with the guidance of professionals. However, OTC skincare products are mass-produced and can easily be found in the beauty and cosmetic section of groceries and department stores.

Skincare Ingredients and Quality

Results and Effectiveness of Professional skincare products are achieved with the guidance of a Skincare professional, a higher concentration of active ingredients, and through molecular technology where active ingredients are made the right size to penetrate the skin from within.

OTC skincare products on the other hand have active ingredients that are lower in concentrations. It is highly recommended to seek guidance from Skincare professionals on recommendations when using Professional Skincare products. 

Weigh in on Costs and Quality

Professional skincare products cost more compared to OTC products because of the following:

  • Prices of High-quality ingredients are high.
  • Formulating high-quality ingredients are costly. It takes time, resources, and money with formulating them correctly.

You don’t need to overspend on Professional skincare products because you don’t use as much of these. Remember, they have a high concentration of active ingredients which makes the effect lasts long, maintaining your skin healthy, treat and prevent skin problems, and gives value for your money.

Skintuition Studio can help you find the right and effective skincare. Feel free to ask!

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